Assistant Manager - System Audit

Job Type Permanent
Nature Full Time
Company EMCL
Deadline 01 Apr 2020
Industry Banking industry
Level Middle level

Reporting Structure

Reporting to: Head of Internal Audit Supervision of: N/A Interact with: System

Main Duties

Job Purpose:

  • To ensure that corporate governance, risk management, internal controls and compliance structures of the bank are in place and give an independent assurance.

  • To Perform general and application control reviews on the technology infrastructure and information systems landscape

    Audit execution:

  • Examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls around systems

  • Examine the bank's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and implementation of policies and procedures.

Ensuring activities are carried out according to the mandate of the Audit Plan approved by the Audit Committee, which entails:

  1. Timely performance of Audit assignments i.e. timely in planning, execution and reporting.

  2. Scheduling and attending planning meetings between the Internal Audit (IA) department and the Heads of the departments /Branch management to be audited and offering general direction to the Managers as they carry out risk assessments.

  3. Conducting site audit in accordance with a pre-designed audit program and Audit plan ensuring adequate coverage of the scope.

  4. Ensure there is adequate communication and discussion with auditees while executing the audit assignment and confirmation of the findings before documentation.

  5. Ensure adequate root cause(s) and risk(s) for all findings is documented.

  6. Adequate and timely maintenance of Audit supporting evidence in Teammate.

  7. Preparation of draft report/Audit discussion memo (ADM) with all observations picked up through the audit, discuss the results with system owners and ensure management provides action plans to mitigate the identified gaps.

  8. Finalisation of ADM for review by the Head of Internal Audit/Supervisor. Ensure that the draft reports incorporate management responses and actions.

  9. Attend closure meetings for each assignment performed, so as to incorporate their views in the reports.

  10. Issuance of final ADM to auditee for final response and ensure that the reports incorporate adequate management responses and actions.

  11. Preparation of final reports to be reviewed by the Head of Internal Audit

  12. Minutes of the audit meetings i.e. entrance and exit minutes to be maintained within Teammate.

  13. Follow-up and provide status updates for all outstanding audit recommendations i.e. internal, external and regulator.

  14. Assist external auditors and regulators on IS audit matters that may arise when they reach out to the internal audit function

  15. Seek feedback from auditee in respect to the audit conducted and upload the response to Teammate.

  16. Support the Head of Internal Audit with board pack presentation to ensure the IS components are incorporated.


    • Assist in special reviews as may be recommended from time to time

    Administration and liaison:

  • Maintaining and coordinating the day to day communication within the internal audit department and with other departments.
  • Ensure adequate guidance and support to staff working under you in all assignments.
  • Timely performance of assigned Audit assignments.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time









Candidate Specification:

Education: Bachelors degree
Experience: 2 years
Skills: Report writting , Communication Skills , Computer skills , analytical skills
Ability to: Anticipate problems and quickly find solutions to them , Able to manage time effectively , knowledge of various computer applications
Culture: Multicultural
Software: knowledge on microsoft applications
Personality: Hard working , Attention to details , Critical thinkers, , perceptive and alert , analytical

Minimum Qualifications



Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with CISA or Computer Science or related field(s)



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