Assistant Welder

Job Type Permanent
Nature Full Time
Company EMCL
Deadline 30 Apr 2020
Industry Manufacturing / Production
Level Juniour level

Reporting Structure

Reporting to: Senior Welder Supervision of: None Interact with: Employees

Main Duties

  • Capable of understanding power tools, pulleys, chain block, rope, lifting chains, hooks, I-beam clamps
  • Able to erect scaffolding
  • Conducts preventative maintenance such as lubrication and fixing or repairing worn parts.
  • Follows direction from supervisor
  • Acts as an apprentice to lead welder
  • Cleans workpieces to remove impurities, such as slag, rust, and grease, using a wire brush, portable grinder, hand scraper
  • Removes, tags or marks, and moves finished work.
  • Working altitude, up to 30 meters

Candidate Specification:

Education: Diploma
Experience: 1 years
Skills: Interpersonal Skills , Analytical skills, Critical thinking , Attention to details, Numerical skills, Team working skills
Ability to: Work under pressure , Pay attention to details , physical ability
Culture: Multicultural
Knowledge of: knowledgeable of safety practices
Personality: Dependable & team player. , Multi-tasker , Flexible & Reliable

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor degree, Diploma, Certificate in Mechanical Engineering or related field

“ This ad expired 2 months ago ”

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