Sales Representative

Job Type Permanent
Nature Full Time
Company EMCL
Deadline 30 Jun 2020
Industry Supply / Logistics / Transport / Shipping
Level 1

Reporting Structure

Reporting to: Sales Manager Supervision of: None Interact with: Employees

Main Duties

  • Study the market and analyze market possibilities.
  • Gather information regarding the demand for the product, reasons for the change, and analyze customer needs.
  • Determine potential and prospective customers.
  • Organize meetings with the customers for the following purposes: present essential information about the product, its qualities, eliminate doubts, evaluate potential customer, and carry out preliminary discussions for the supply.
  • Participate in the contract preparation, defining the type of contract, discussing terms and conditions of the supply, producing documentation, solving discrepancies, and analyzing documentation of the customer.
  • Ensure payment is received timely according to contractual arrangements.
  • Communicate with the customers getting information regarding their expectations and demands to the quality of the product and after-sale service.
  • Analyze possible reasons for the customer complaints following the contracts. Participate in the preparation of the response.
  • Organize the computerized databases of the customers within the territory (general company information, customer financial statements, the volume of sales, timely and accuracy of contract accomplishment, etc.) and ensure it to be accurate and up to date. Provide the Sales Team and other staff with this information upon request.
  • Keep regular contact with the customers, review the contract terms and dates, and prepare documentation for the contracts to be used.
  • Produce obligatory reports within a set form and date to the Sales Manager of the Department.
  • Keep close interaction with all other departments to support the customer with all necessary technical information and after-sale service possibilities.
  • Prepare and participate in fairs, tenders, and exhibitions upon confirmation with the Head of the Department.

Candidate Specification:

Education: Bachelors degree
Experience: 3 years
Skills: Report writting , Communication Skills , Interpersonal Skills , Marketing and Sales skills , Negotiation skills
Ability to: Work under pressure , Communicate and influence effectively , Maintain regular contacts with customers to ensure customer expectations are met
Culture: Multicultural
Knowledge of: the product , buyer's psychology , computer usage
Personality: Hard working , Dependable & team player. , Result oriented. , Flexible & Reliable

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is a MUST
  • Valid Driving license.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in engine, construction or related industry sales as a preference

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